Sunday, 5 June 2016

The man who saved St Basil's - a graphic story about Pyotr Baranovsky / Комикс о Барановском.

I have been interested in Pyotr Baranovsky (1892-1984) for several years, studying his life, and the buildings he restored and saved from destruction. At the end is a map showing all the buildings he worked on in Moscow. This story that I did in 2013 focuses on St Basil's and Kazan Cathedral on Red Square. 

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Map of Moscow showing architectural monuments Baranovsky worked on during his lifetime - below is a key

1. Surveyed architectural monuments 
2. Architectural monuments for which restoration projects were devised
3. Restored architectural monuments
4. Architectural monuments saved from demolition
5. Architectural monuments that were demolished
6. Architectural monuments that were reconstructed with consultation from, or using materials from, Baranovsky.

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